Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Repunzel, Repunzel, Let Down Your Golden Hair!"

As Jovey and I were finishing up blowdrying her hair tonight (I know. . . I'm not an overachiever, promise. . . but if I don't blow it dry, it has just enough wave to resemble a wet dog when I try to let it air dry, especially when mixed with bed head!), I just made comment on how long her hair was getting. Jovey's response was, "I know, mommy! It's like Repunzel hair," giggling all the while. I just stopped as we were both looking in the mirror and said, "Yes, Jovey, it's kinda like Repunzel hair, I guess, isn't it?"

Again, the connections this girl makes at her young age astound me and truly make me marvel at the abilities to form ideas that God has gifted to humans. As a young child, Jovey takes something common and attaches something familiar and in her head, fun! To her, life is just. . . .fun!

God, thank you for helping me appreciate the little things in life and the fun that they can be through the words and actions of my children each and every day!

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