Thursday, March 27, 2008

The McFarlands

My best friend and the other half of these beautiful girls' smiles!

Sweetness beyond any words!

My little alarm clocks and beautiful reminders that life is more than the "stuff" this world affords!


Nicole said...

"Little alarm clocks"??? That's a nice way of saying 5 alarm sirens in our house:)

They're not that bad really but "little alarm clocks" sound innocent and sweet... Having my eyes pried open by little fingers and having a little voice begging me to play Candyland at 6:58 am is slightly more loud...

Lelakay said...

Yeah, "little" may have been a fantastic and beautiful dream in the world of a Stepford wife or something! ha! Love you! BTW, I love the picture of tiny fingers literally prying your eyelids open. That is a laughable picture as long as it is happening to someone else!