Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was recently introduced to the blog of a close friend of mine and was just so encouraged to see that she is seeking and growing in her relationship with Christ! Of course, I was aware of this through random conversations, but there is something about the gift of words that make things more vivid and real! It always makes me happy to see the people I care about truly growing and evolving as the people that God created them to be. Not just going through the motions of church, whether it be Catholic or Protestant faiths, and reciting prayers or "acting" like someone that we want people to believe we are, but truly living with Christ evident in all that we are!

All of the ups and downs of life are balanced by the grace and mercy of God and what a gift for a people who are so in need of both of those blessings! Recognizing God's grace, confessing that we are in great need of it because of our many sins, believing that Jesus Christ is the one and only way to eternal life with Him and constant joy in Him, accepting that grace, and turning from those evil ways is such a challenging concept for some to grasp, but what an expression of love and care for all people to accept and reap great benefits from! I am so very glad that I stay connected to those people whom I have known for years and can share in this "adult" life together, both rejoicing in the awesome times and supporting in the less than stellar moments as God continues to mold our souls each and every moment we are alive!

Thanks, God, for beautiful friendships that allow me to see you in real and perfect ways.

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