Monday, January 29, 2007

Girls! Girls! Girls!

So we got the wonderful news from a very positive and healthy ultrasound 2 weeks ago! We will be welcoming another little GIRL into our family in June! My husband admitted every guys' desire to have a little boy to call his own, but also was more than elated to find out that he would get to dote on yet another sweet, loving, and at times dramatic female in our household! Needless to say, Jovey is definitely a daddy's girl! I mean, who wouldn't be? He's a wonderful man!

So as we look toward the future, we look toward lots of high heel shoes, lots of play makeup, lots of tea parties, lots of dollies, and further into the future. . .lots of makeup, lots of drama, lots of hair products, lots of clothes, lots of drama, lots of prom prep, lots of boys, lots of giggling, lots of drama, lots of fun, lots of wedding prep and did I mention drama? :-) Girls are notorious for all the above and much more.

We always joke and say Jovey will be our little softball player (She can be a little brute with a mean pitching arm!), who has her make-up flawless, her ponytail pulled perfectly through her ball cap, whom all the girls from the other teams look at and say, "You gotta be kidding," but will slide with the best of them and knock the ball out of the park at least every other game! We just wonder what the next one's little personality will suggest! We can't wait to see!

Thanks, God, for providing the fun and the future that the McFarland family has to look forward to as we strive to raise wonderful, young ladies that love you, respect themselves and others, and are kind and thoughtful as they seek only you for their self worth, not boys, magazines, or the world for their approval. Help us to know what to say and do to instill YOUR love and the importance of faith in you as they grow into young adults.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Self Assured

Jovey has now adopted a new motto around here. . .well, one of many. The newest is: "I'll do it myself" or some phrase dealing with doing things herself (i.e. I'll get down by myself, I'll get it out all by myself). I knew the day was coming, but didn't expect it quite so soon. I can't wait until the "Why" question starts echoing around the house. I'm sure it won't be long!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Please pray for my bottom"

Yesterday, my mom and dad came up for a short visit, which Jovey always loves. The more people in the house to show attention to her and play with her, the better. In fact, she tries to go to everyone else's home after they have played with her. Maybe that should offend me. . . anyway, Joshua, mom, dad, Jovey and I had just gotten finished with a late lunch when Jovey disappeared for a while to her playroom. After a few minutes, she came running into the living room where we were chatting, and said, "Daddy, excuse me, would you please pray for my bottom?" He asked her to repeat the phrase, clarifying each word, and sure enough, she repeated the same sentence again. Of course, we were all ready to burst out laughing, as we soon got a whiff of what needed to be prayed for (and it certainly needed lots of prayers!), but held it back, as she came to us with such a serious and sincere dimeanor. Daddy obliged and he held her hands as we all bowed our heads. His prayer went something like this:

"Dear God, please help Jovey's bottom and help her learn to go poo in the potty so she can feel better. Thank you for potties. I love you God, Amen!"

Jovey looked relieved and I went to take care of the prayer concern! And to think that we hesitate to ask God for the small things!
"Is that the Pizza Man?"

Today, the cable guy came to work on our cable. Joshua hung around here to meet him at 8:30 this morning, so I took the opportunity to get a quiet shower while he got Jovey's breakfast ready. As I was getting out of the shower, I heard the doorbell ring. As Joshua went to open it, a tiny voice came from the kitchen and said, "Daddy, is that the pizza man?" Now we dont' get pizza delivered but maybe once or twice a month, but she has picked up on the whole ring the doorbell and get the pizza thing. Joshua and I had huge laughs as we let the cable guy in to do his job.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jovey quote of the day. . .

"Daddy, may I go to my house and drink my milk, please?"

We definitely have the most polite kiddo ever. Some people say it's outrageous that I am teaching her to talk like that so early, by constantly reminding her "may I, please, thank you, yes m'am, etc.), but I say, she just comes across like a polite, well mannered little girl who has some upbringin'! ha!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random Jovey phrases

From now on, with all the funny and amazing things Jovey says each and every day, I will have random postings of just those phrases, just so I can look back and see just how fun it is to live with an overly verbal, very active 2 year old.

"Mommy, I'm so poud [proud] of you!"