Monday, April 20, 2009


So, anyone who knows me and knows me well, knows that Mondays aren't. . . well, my favorite day of the week. Actually, it doesn't come even close to the excitement I feel most Fridays that the weekend has arrived and we at least get to see Joshua a bit more than through the week full of classes, meetings, obligations, work, church, etc. that come along with our life that is the McFarland's way at this moment in time! As I continue to learn and grow, however, I am reminded that no matter the name of the day or the preconceived opinions and thoughts that may accompany said name, that each day is a gift from God. It is something to be cherished, praised and lived as it were to be our last, as God has allowed us another day to enjoy the many blessings and the great joy He has offered through the very life, death, resurrection and blessings of His living and beautiful son, Jesus Christ! Each day holds new and different opportunities to make everything we do an act of worship and offering of praise to our God! I had a very wise, beautiful woman of God remind me that even the mundane chore of laundry can be an act of worship as you take the time to remember each person for which the laundry belongs in prayer and thought! So, on this gloomy, Monday, not as warm or sunny as it "should" be morning, I choose joy and to be alive in Christ!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Little Reminders

What a beautiful time of year. The sun is shining a bit more, the temperatures are a bit more "play worthy" and life just seems a bit renewed after a long, cold, very snowy winter in the commonwealth known as Kentucky, where the grass is blue and the sports seemed to be a bit more "red" this year! But hey, there is a renewed since in life all around, even in the locker room of the UK Men's Basketball team! (sorry, had to get that little plug in there as UK looks to take back it's spot as a b-ball powerhouse, hopefully sooner than later!).

We are still embracing where God has called us as of now in life. Joshua is now full into his Master's of Theology program (gladly taking possession of his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Organizational Management on May 9th at Campbellsville University) and still teaching computer classes for area businesses and of course, most importantly, loving on people and sharing Christ with them each week as the pastor at Elk Creek Baptist in Spencer County! The girls continue to grow, as you can see below, and amaze us with new words (Laney is good to put about 3words together now and Jovey is using words as "definitely", "actually", and anything else that secures that she is indeed correct in her 4 year old wisdom (or assumptions)! ;-)

We stay busy, but we are so in love with God and know that this season of life that includes many long days, many times where the girls go a couple of days without seeing Daddy by the time he gets home and then leaves again before they wake, and running here and there to fulfill random obligations is a time of joy and a time of growth for us all as we look to our God to give us energy, discernment and knowledge of relying only on Him! We are excited to how God is moving in us (and boy, many days, He has to move a LOT to get our attention), as well as the people around us in the community of Elk Creek. The people there are beautiful, God fearing people who wish nothing more than to see people come into relationship with a loving and perfect Jesus Christ! We sit back; humbled, amazed, awed and blessed to be such a small part of God's great big plan! If we ever lose sight of what God can and will do, even if we don't jump on the particular flight, we just look into the faces below and see what a miracle we all are and are reminded that God sees us as beautiful, clean, smiling creations and desires nothing more than to spend time with us and then send us out to touch a hurting world with His message of love and hope!