Monday, April 30, 2007


As a child, nothing seems more horrible as taking time out of your busy play schedule than to take a nap, especially as age 4 or 5 nears. Then, as college draws near, naps become a bit more tangible, and then, there is being pregnant! Nothing is better than to find even 15 minutes to lay down and just rest, just to feel like you can carry on the rest of the day.

Today, Jovey was having a hard time getting settled for her nap time (she's never been a great napper), so I laid beside her and we both fell asleep finally for a little over an hour. Oh, I could have slept so much longer, but her internal alarm rang out loud and clear, "time to go out and play!" So, even though it was one of those naps where you almost feel worse after the extra zzzzz's, I know that Baby Mac and my body were both super thankful for the extra rest!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Chatty Cathy

Jovey and I went up to a local, outdoor ice cream joint (first mistake for a pregnant lady!). As Jovey and I sat there enjoying the weather and of course, the people watching, a nice lady with a sundae sat down at the picnic table next to us. Jovey, without warning, went over, climbed up on the bench, and being the great conversationalist that she can be, began something that sounded like this:

Jovey: "Hello! Do you like my pretty fingernails? And my toenails? My daddy painted them! Do you like my summer shoes! They have princesses on them!"
Lady: "Oh, yes, they are all so pretty. My granddaughter likes nail polish too."
Jovey: "OOOOhhhhhh, she does? That's nice!"

I finally coaxed Jovey over to our table as to leave the nice lady alone. I explained she had never met a stranger, which the lady smiled and just said was a great trait to have, under parental constraint, of course! I'm just glad she was amused and not annoyed by my little chatter box! When I prayed that Jovey would have the outgoing personality of her daddy, never did I imagine it would play out so soon, or so humorously!

Thank you, God, for a little girl who loves people. Please, allow her to be used to make a positive difference in people's lives around her, even now in her young life!

Monday, April 16, 2007

More chatter from my little chatter box!

Some of Jovey's newest things to say:

"I have to (fill in the blank with whatever at the moment, i.e. go outside)! I really, really do!" eyes dancing and opened super big and all the while shaking her hands in rhythm with each word for emphasis, I guess!

"Good thinking, Mommy!" (Thanks, Diego!)

"What did you say here, Mommy?" (Usually in response to the book we read that she is trying hard to memorize so she can read it herself!)

"ooohhhh, can I have a tweat (treat)?" Basically, any hour of the day for any reason under the sun. 90% of the time, the answer is no, but you would think she gets rewarded for breathing!

"Actually, . . . " Used perfectly in context, and drives her daddy nuts! He swears I taught her to say it, but she picks this stuff up without prompting from me!

"I want to do that agaaaiiinnn!" She has a major Kentucky accent. I'm guessing it's environmental, from her daddy of course! ;-)

"I waked up, Mommy! Come and get me!" Just wants to make sure I am aware!

"That's not for me, that's for my Baby sister!" Basically, anything she doesn't want to wear, eat, or do, it is then immediately thrown off as a treat for her baby sister! How thoughtful! ;-)

I could go on for days, but I'll spare you for now! Until next time, always pay attention to what people say! Whether they are 2 years old or 100 years young, I bet that what the say is not only entertaining , but also allows a little glimpse into who that person truly is. Jovey seems to be a sweet, little nut so far, and we love her that way!

Sharing with Stormy

Jovey has a way of expressing her feelings, even as an almost 2 1/2 year old little girl! I have mentioned before how very verbal and expressive she is not only with her mouth, but with her eyes and her whole body. It only continues to get even more amusing.

As she sits and eats her snack even now, our dog, Stormy, is sitting patiently waiting for a goldfish to drop on the floor as to give her a fun and unusual treat! Jovey keeps looking at me saying, "Mommy, Stormy is bothering me. Can you make her move?" Now Stormy is laying well behind her at this point, but Jovey is so protective of her snack, any close proximity is too close for her. I explain that Stormy is just wanting to share with her and she has to say, "not right now, Stormy!"

So, in big girl style, she is asking me to mediate, just like I am sure I will hear a lot once her little sis arrives and is starting to grab at things Jovey may be unsure of sharing. We really encourage sharing around our home and outside with other friends as well, but we pray that it will really sink in as we continue to teach Jovey that nothing belongs to us, but rather, first, belongs to God, and second, to ALL of us, so that maybe we can share a bit more cheerfully. . . or at least be "bothered" a little bit less! Just FYI, Stormy got a couple of treats after all, and Jovey was ok with that, since they were on the floor anyway!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Daddy - Pedicurist

So, I have a wonderful husband who is very willing to do almost anything, at least once, to please the women in his life (he is a daddy to one, soon to be 2 beautiful, little girls)! As I was preparing to co-host a house warming/retirement party for my parents with my older sis, Sara, I was bemoaning the fact that I hate wearing flip flops without some toenail polish perking up my dull, wintery feet! I flashed Joshua my best "little girl grin" and he grabbed some newspaper, so he wouldn't ruin his khakis, told me to sit down, propped my foot up in his lap and proceeded to use a fun hot pink color my mom had at her house to paint my toenails. He even did a great job for a first timer! What a guy!

My daughter was unaware of all of this, as she was peacefully taking a nap in the other room before all of the festivities were to begin. After she got up, she came out to see what might be happening and immediately spied my brightly painted toenails, to which she shouted in her cute, little voice, "I want paint on my toenails too. . . like mommy's toenails!" And with that same "little girl grin" that had persuaded Joshua to take up his new profession as my personal pedicurist (at least until I can bend over and touch my feet again), Jovey wrapped up Joshua's heart as she wrapped her hand around his finger. He smiled and took her into the other room where she too got to experience her first "daddy pedicure!"

Now, everywhere she goes, she has to tell everyone the same thing, "My daddy painted my toenails! Do you like my them?" Then, she proceeds to show them off through her sandals, or the best, sit down to strip off her shoes and socks to let you peak at her prized possessions!

Thank you God for a man that tries to please the women in his life, right down to their cute, little toenails!