Monday, April 16, 2007

Sharing with Stormy

Jovey has a way of expressing her feelings, even as an almost 2 1/2 year old little girl! I have mentioned before how very verbal and expressive she is not only with her mouth, but with her eyes and her whole body. It only continues to get even more amusing.

As she sits and eats her snack even now, our dog, Stormy, is sitting patiently waiting for a goldfish to drop on the floor as to give her a fun and unusual treat! Jovey keeps looking at me saying, "Mommy, Stormy is bothering me. Can you make her move?" Now Stormy is laying well behind her at this point, but Jovey is so protective of her snack, any close proximity is too close for her. I explain that Stormy is just wanting to share with her and she has to say, "not right now, Stormy!"

So, in big girl style, she is asking me to mediate, just like I am sure I will hear a lot once her little sis arrives and is starting to grab at things Jovey may be unsure of sharing. We really encourage sharing around our home and outside with other friends as well, but we pray that it will really sink in as we continue to teach Jovey that nothing belongs to us, but rather, first, belongs to God, and second, to ALL of us, so that maybe we can share a bit more cheerfully. . . or at least be "bothered" a little bit less! Just FYI, Stormy got a couple of treats after all, and Jovey was ok with that, since they were on the floor anyway!

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