Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't forget the Lyrics!

"When I say TIRE, you say city~ TIRE (tire) CITY (city)~!"

-Jovey's rendition of Toby Mac's lyric, "When I say DIVERSE, you say city!"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just In Case. . .

My husband planned a super surprise party for my 30th b-day, and included our family, homecooked b-day dinner from way back when that my mom put together and brought to Louisville, oh so meaningful and fun gifts, and yes, even a more than yummy Reese's Cup Blizzard Cake from DQ! Does it get much better? He had taken the girls and I out the night before for a fun trip to the Apple store for me to pick out any color of a fun, new Nano to help me run and stay sane in times of my musical needs, along with a Nike chip, arm band and a pouch for my non-nike shoes. I thought that was enough, but wait, there's more!

For days when I don't feel like I am not very smart and have little ability to do anything other than wash clothes, put in hair bows and play Candyland. . . my parent's framed my college diploma which is just a piece of paper, but represents almost 5 years of hard work and perserverance through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual workouts that God used to helped mold me into who I am today as a wife, mommy, friend, daughter, aunt and sister!

For days when I don't feel very fit. . . my hubby made a shadow box of my first (and possibly only, who knows?) half marathon completed in a time of 2:16:25 (that's a 10:26 mile average). It was more than just a test of my body, but a true overhaul as I grew in my spirit and relationship with God and learned that everything always is rooted in how we view Him and that nothing is ever accomplished with true success until we realize that we can't do anything alone!

Oh, and for days when I don't feel very pretty. . . my mother-in-law got me a fun hot pink chi straigtening iron with rhinestone bling and all! I think I may turn 30 every year!

Tuesday is the Day. . .

So Tuesday, I will be 30. I will walk away from the 20's that everyone, including myself, so looks forward to embracing and I will say, "hello," to a new decade that will surely offer new challenges, new heartaches,but of course, new joys! I told Joshua that each decade is truly significant. My 20's were spent learning more and more about who my future husband would be and then committing to the relationship and growing in it at a young 22. Peer relationships were more shared with my husband and as friends had babies, so we too prayed and considered the same blessing in our lives. My babies were born and as I embark on this new decade, I have a 4 year old baby and an almost 2 year old baby. . . not really much baby to be had anymore, but still MY babies! I was a youth pastor's wife for much of my 20's and learned what that meant and how it was very different to be a pastor's spouse as opposed to how I spent my first 20 years as a pastor's kid! I kept friends from my past, but also embarked on new friendships, both of which are unique, diverse and deeper than ever thought imaginable when sharing a bowl of popcorn and watching, "Children of the Corn" at a friend's slumber party in the 7th grade.

Now, as I look toward the "thirty-somethings", I see new places to walk and grow. I see my girls, becoming young ladies and even, GASP, teenagers before I turn 40! I see myself as a pastor's wife, for whatever that will mean and bring as I still feel humbled to think that God has called our little family to serve His kingdom in great and awesome ways, inspite of our many frailities! I take hold of a new found thirst for Christ, sparked partly by a desire to run and be better physically after birthing babies, but quickly evolving into a desire to be better in all ways, which has then lead to a rewiring of who "Lela" has ever been as a child of God. I see the 30's as holding challenges that we will face, but how we will seek ways in which we will use our past mistakes even more to help guide us to where God desires us to be. I see friendships becoming even deeper and more necessary as support systems as my girls become the aforementioned young ladies, developing their own views on life and hopefully, choosing God as the root to how they see that life turning out for them and the future of where they will go!

All in all, I see God behind it all. I see how he has molded me from the very beginning to be right where I am. My faults, my gifts, my scars, my energy, my blessings, my curses, my joys, my hurts, my confidence, my insecurities, my soul mate, my children, my fluffy clouds, my cold, rainy storms; God is in it all! Turning a page into another decade is just another chapter to how God will continue to develop my character and who He has designed me to be! I look forward to daily receiving God's awesome grace, but I look even more forward in learning ways to then give grace to others that need it most, so that He may be glorified as I grow in His grace and in His knowledge always (2nd Peter 3:18)!