Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boys, Girls and Jeeps

So Jovey got a new Jeep that Joshua found for great price at Once Upon a Child. It's not pretty and girly, but Jovey drives it and surprisingly enough, drives it well! Plus, it has two seats, so she can't wait to drive Laney around when she "gets to be a bigger girl."

Yesterday, we took her out for a ride in the parking lot (we live right next door to the church where my husband is on staff). She drove around, waving and of course, looking too cute in her fuzzy hat. About 10 minutes into her afternoon drive, she paused, unbuckled herself, got out and went around to sit in the passenger seat, fastening her seat belt and all. We heard her mumbling the quiet dialogue that goes on between she and her imaginary friends she has at different times, and Joshua decided to ask.

"Jovey, what are you doing? Why are you sitting on that side of the jeep."

"Well, Daddy, only boys can drive Jeeps and Pretend Parker is gonna drive us now!"

"Oh, well, it's ok. Girls can drive jeeps too, so maybe we can let Pretend Parker just ride this time and you can drive him around~!"

"OK, daddy!" She unbuckles, walks around to the other side, buckles up again, says, "OK, a little music" (Nicole, I hope that isn't "mood music") and proceeds on another excursion around the parking lot.

Now, before anyone sends me nasty comments about women's rights, let it be known that one of her bestest friends, Parker, owns a jeep, the first one she ever rode in, and with her young age, we thought it best for only Parker to drive both she and his little sister, and another best friend of Jovey's, Lillie, around the yard for safety sake. I guess she was thinking, "safety first, women's lib second!"

I just love the innocence of childhood. She doesn't know that some people would have my hide for such a comment, thinking I'm teaching my child to be a weak woman. On the contrary. I pray every day she will be strong, independent and confident in all she aspires to do. Joshua and I, of course, tell her that she has wonderful opportunities in this great big world, but we also will hope that she will find that Biblical submission will not be too hard to comprehend when it comes to her relationship with a future husband, if that relationship is to be the healthiest and most effective.

My prayer right now is that she stays in the driver's seat right now, in complete control of her destiny and what God has out there for her in this life He has created for her, not just sitting back, waiting for life just to happen at the hands of others'.

Christmas Day 2007

All the excitement pictured below lead to this picture which says, "where's my bed?"

Play time!

Stockings are fun!

Every princess needs perfectly washed and set hair!

"ummmm. . . what do you do with this?"

Christmas Eve Fun

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big Steps for our Little Laney

Again, credit to my hubby, Joshua:It has been a week of 1st's here are the McFarland house and being the good photo/videographer that I am, I tried to capture them all on film (digitally of course).

It is absolutely amazing at how quickly time goes by. It seems like just a few days ago, Lela was telling me that she was pregnant with our second (and final) bundle of joy. Well, that little bundle is now 6 months old and getting ready to celebrate her 1st Christmas. This afternoon she got to experience big girl food for the first time. (rice cereal and baby formula, mmmmmmm) She ate very well and was not ashamed to lean in for more. Check out the video below and see all the eating excitement.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Theology from a 3 Year Old

My husband posted this on his blog earlier tonight, and he did such a good job of expressing my own emotions, I borrowed it with his permission! :-)

Jovey sang her first solo at church tonight (yes, she is only 3). She did wonderful and made her mommy and daddy very proud. It touches our heart to see our little girl singing for Jesus and more importantly, learning what it all means. We were walking through the flea market the other night and she saw a statue of Jesus. She said to us, "Look, it is God's Son, Jesus and He is praying for everyone." Theology can't get much sounder than that, especially from a 3 year old. I pray that as Jovey and Laney both grow, they continue to learn and understand exactly what Jesus did for them so that they can experience eternal life. God is good and this young Dad is pumped about seeing Christ through his little girls.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Very Gone Mother

Jovey's very into the whole Disney princess scene. Everything she can imagine ends up coming back to the world of the princesses. When asked what she wants for Christmas, she always responds with a very excited and well thought out, "I would like a Belle princess dress and Belle headband!" That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

While playing with a dress up Cinderella doll tonight, her "very favorite princess", Jovey tells me that I need to play the role of the "Very Gone Mother!" If she only knew how many moments that I feel "very gone" and very unworthy to be the mother of these special, little ladies. Good thing that God knows better and gives me guidance in what I am doing in this whole "mommy" career!

God, please help me be more in tune to what you are saying and how you are guiding my steps, not only as a child of yours, but also as a mother to two beautiful, smiling girls that look to me as a source of teaching, of love and as a model of just a fraction how much you love them, as it is so much more than I could ever provide.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Smiles, giggles and a need for some valium!

Nothing is sweeter than seeing your children, happy, healthy and smiling. Nothing is crazier than 2 parents, attempting to get these happy, healthy and smiling children smiling together, standing still and "posing" for at least one good Christmas picture! Here are a few of the highlights of our photo session, after which, we decided we either needed a strong drink to recover, or just needed a valium pre-photo shoot! Enjoy!