Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Very Gone Mother

Jovey's very into the whole Disney princess scene. Everything she can imagine ends up coming back to the world of the princesses. When asked what she wants for Christmas, she always responds with a very excited and well thought out, "I would like a Belle princess dress and Belle headband!" That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

While playing with a dress up Cinderella doll tonight, her "very favorite princess", Jovey tells me that I need to play the role of the "Very Gone Mother!" If she only knew how many moments that I feel "very gone" and very unworthy to be the mother of these special, little ladies. Good thing that God knows better and gives me guidance in what I am doing in this whole "mommy" career!

God, please help me be more in tune to what you are saying and how you are guiding my steps, not only as a child of yours, but also as a mother to two beautiful, smiling girls that look to me as a source of teaching, of love and as a model of just a fraction how much you love them, as it is so much more than I could ever provide.


Nicole said...

I don't know if you realize this but when I first started my blog 3 years ago, I would post funny stories of Parker mixing up words all the time (Like Lela and Halelujah)... you would respond with I can't wait for Jovey to someday say funny things... well, my friend that day is here (it's been here for awhile now but you are blogging about it regularly!) It all comes around~ and someday in the not so distant future, your posts will include Laney-isms as well!

love you~

Lelakay said...

HA! Yep, you did do that, huh? I love it when she does it. She is so funny, because when I go to correct her, she says, "no mommy, Very Gone mother!" like I'm the one saying it wrong. What would we do without the laughs our kiddos produce!? Too fun! Two talking constantly? Crazy to even fathom right now. Love you and all our crazy kiddos!