Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Fun Christmas Tradition

I LOVE my girlies more than words could ever express, but if I had to choose my favorite person on this earth, it would be my sweet husband, Joshua. Biblically, I believe that God designed it that way, and practically, it just works! He's got so many qualities that I fell in love with over 11 years ago and has only improved upon and added to that long list since our time together!

As I consider this beautiful Christmas season, one of joy, of hope, of promise, of mercy, of love, of kindness, of grace; all gifts of God through the birth, and then ultimately, the death and resurrection of His Son, I also consider the joy that comes with celebrating it with my family! And though there is nothing like experiencing Christmas through the bright, beautiful eyes of a child, there are still some fun things that I look forward to sharing with Joshua each and every year.

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to put the girls to bed (waiting to make sure they are asleep after their giggles, their attempts to get in and out of their bed/room) and settling in for the night to cuddle up on the couch with warm apple cider while laughing hysterically at National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Yes, we could quote most every line. Yes, we have seen it about 100 times since it aired back when we were kids. Yes, we know the jokes and yes, we still laugh as if it is the first time we have watched it! It has little sentimental meaning and doesn't just make us feel all warm and gooshy inside, but for those 2 hours, we enjoy just "being" together. We forget the presents we have left to purchase. We forget the many obligations and events we have to attend. We forget to consider how to make things even more fun for the girls for the Christmas holiday. We refuse to worry about how all of the above things will get accomplished in the few weeks we have left before Christmas. We refuse to multi-task by wrapping gifts, signing cards and online shopping. We just laugh. Together. And it's fabulous!

What are some ways that you and your favorite person celebrate the holidays together, forgetting the stuff that can make us truly forget the important things?