Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jesus Ultimatum

My hubby and I just had a Bourne weekend, loving the action flick that A. satisfies his boyish love of car chases and fight scenes B.satisfies both of our loves of a good suspense and "thinking" story and of course, C. allows me to see Matt Damon take care of A and B. . . how could a movie get much better? ;-)

So, since we have Bourne on the brain, it came to mind that as Jovey was singing "Zacheus was a wee little man" today at breakfast, she made her own story up. . . The Jesus Ultimatum!

She loves to sing songs, and sometimes, gets words twisted around, seeing that she is only 3. When it comes to the end, the part that most people look to as the best part of life with Jesus: the fact that he desires to spend time with us, no matter how sinful we are, Jovey turned it to something different with just one word. Her words at the end are, "Zacheus, you come down OR I'm going to your house today, OR I'm going to your house today!" The real words are, "Zacheus, you come down, FOR I'm going to your house today, FOR I'm going to your house today!" She knows no difference, but it was the perfect opportunity to explain that "FOR I'm going to your house today meant "BECAUSE" and that it was a good thing. It wasn't a, "Straighten up, OR I'm gonna pull this car over" phrase like I heard a few times growing up. It was a loving suggestion that gave Zacheus hope and the knowledge that he was loved and cared for by the one who mattered the most!

It just goes to show how one word can change everything and even though Jovey doesn't get the difference yet, it's good to share with her how cool it would be if Jesus wanted to come and hang out at our house. . .even if it isn't always pretty or clean; a perfect picture of how he wants to come into our hearts and hang out, ugly and dirty as they are!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We Stick Together!

Last night, Jovey was having a good time playing with her sister, our sweet, lazy Laney. Most people correct me and say content. . .either way, she is going to be 8 months old on February 5th and still has yet to make any notion of crawling or pulling up. She is on time with all of her milestones, but definitely is not pushing to get anywhere too fast. It is super funny to watch her sit up, flop down a number of times to reach a toy out of reach, then just give up, since it must not be that intriguing to merit her actually becoming mobile!

One of Laney's least favorite things in the world is tummy time. I strive to do it at least twice if not more a day, thinking that she will discover this wonderful gift of locomotion and actually go somewhere. Last night, Jovey wanted me to put Laney on her (Jovey laying on her back, Laney on top of her on her tummy). She said, with complete seriousness (my word!), "Momma, stick Laney on me. . . here, I'll put some glue on my belly and then, she won't fall!" I, starting to laugh hysterically said, "Real glue? I don't think that would be good." Jovey laughs back and says, "No, silly, like pretend glue. Like a glue stick. See?" She lifted up her shirt, pretended to rub a glue stick on her belly, and I played along and "stuck" Laney on her belly, watching to make sure that the "glue" didn't give way. Of course, I didn't get a picture of it this particular time, but I hope to in the future, seeing that Laney laying on Jovey's belly, sticking her fingers in Jovey's mouth, all the while Jovey laughing hysterically was quite a sight!

Jovey's take on it and my prayer: "Momma, see, Laney and I will always stick together!"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Phone dating

A glimpse into a conversation with Jovey, dressed as Snow White today:

"Mommy, when Daddy comes home, will he be my Prince Charming?"

"I don't know, Jovey. Do you wanna call and ask him?"

"Yes, let's call my Prince Charming!"


"Hello, Daddy? I am Snow White. Will you be my Prince Charming when you get home from work?"

"Yes, sweetie, I will be your Prince Charming when I get home from work!"

"Oh, that's great, daddy! Love you, bye!"

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Picture of tired. . .

is a baby, who is in need of a nap, but not feeling like laying in her crib, so pushing to stay awake and collapsing with thumb in mouth, folded head to toe!

The Family Tree

Jovey has been understanding relationships lately. She has always had a good grip on family and friends, but is getting more detailed in her expression. . . for example, when we talk about seeing my parents, known to her as Nana and Grandad, she will tell people, "My mommy's daddy and mommy are gonna come to our house!" Or she will say, "Did you just talk to Daddy's grandma" when referring to conversations with Mumu. It's amazing how much she truly "gets" with each passing day. I still pray constantly about how to keep up with her some moments. :-)

Today was the best when from her room, refusing a nap and after a long time of my ignoring her talking, singing and finally requests to come downstairs, she pleads, "Mommy, can you hear your daughter? Talk to your daughter" Ha! If only she knew that I hear each and every word and that my ears are more than atuned to her constant chatter every day I learn about her! Just another reason I love this girl!