Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Family Tree

Jovey has been understanding relationships lately. She has always had a good grip on family and friends, but is getting more detailed in her expression. . . for example, when we talk about seeing my parents, known to her as Nana and Grandad, she will tell people, "My mommy's daddy and mommy are gonna come to our house!" Or she will say, "Did you just talk to Daddy's grandma" when referring to conversations with Mumu. It's amazing how much she truly "gets" with each passing day. I still pray constantly about how to keep up with her some moments. :-)

Today was the best when from her room, refusing a nap and after a long time of my ignoring her talking, singing and finally requests to come downstairs, she pleads, "Mommy, can you hear your daughter? Talk to your daughter" Ha! If only she knew that I hear each and every word and that my ears are more than atuned to her constant chatter every day I learn about her! Just another reason I love this girl!

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