Thursday, January 24, 2008

We Stick Together!

Last night, Jovey was having a good time playing with her sister, our sweet, lazy Laney. Most people correct me and say content. . .either way, she is going to be 8 months old on February 5th and still has yet to make any notion of crawling or pulling up. She is on time with all of her milestones, but definitely is not pushing to get anywhere too fast. It is super funny to watch her sit up, flop down a number of times to reach a toy out of reach, then just give up, since it must not be that intriguing to merit her actually becoming mobile!

One of Laney's least favorite things in the world is tummy time. I strive to do it at least twice if not more a day, thinking that she will discover this wonderful gift of locomotion and actually go somewhere. Last night, Jovey wanted me to put Laney on her (Jovey laying on her back, Laney on top of her on her tummy). She said, with complete seriousness (my word!), "Momma, stick Laney on me. . . here, I'll put some glue on my belly and then, she won't fall!" I, starting to laugh hysterically said, "Real glue? I don't think that would be good." Jovey laughs back and says, "No, silly, like pretend glue. Like a glue stick. See?" She lifted up her shirt, pretended to rub a glue stick on her belly, and I played along and "stuck" Laney on her belly, watching to make sure that the "glue" didn't give way. Of course, I didn't get a picture of it this particular time, but I hope to in the future, seeing that Laney laying on Jovey's belly, sticking her fingers in Jovey's mouth, all the while Jovey laughing hysterically was quite a sight!

Jovey's take on it and my prayer: "Momma, see, Laney and I will always stick together!"


Nicole said...

Too cute!!!!!!!!! I have some really cute pics of Lillie laying on Parker like that! I LOVED those moments.....They still have them actually except now, Lillie is a bit heavier but it is always sooo sweet!!!
We'll pray that they always "stick together"...

Miss you badly!!!

Lelakay said...

I remember seeing your pics like that. What sweetness siblings are, huh? I do hope they do find some sort of comfort in each other as they go through life. I guess we will pray toward that end and do all we can to make them "stick together" as much as possible while here at home! ha!

Miss you more! ;-)