Saturday, December 20, 2008

Future Plans

Jovey has now decided she is going to be a ballerina or a pony doctor (depends on the day) and has informed us that, "I'm going to go to work and then come home and live with you and daddy forever, momma! And Laney, she will live with us too and we will always share a room!"

When I inquire about possibly she having a fun family someday and leaving our home like mommy and daddy left Nana and randad's and Nunu and Bop's house, she says, "OOOHHHH, NOOOO!!!! Just wanna live here!" We plan to get this on video so that someday, when she is slamming the door and saying she can't wait until she moves out, we can remind her of the sweet days when she wanted to live with us forever and ever!