Saturday, November 25, 2006

I think. . .

Another Thanksgiving has passed and I can't help but just sit and meditate on people that have been such gifts and blessings from God in my life:

-I think of my daughter, Jovey, and her birthday on Tuesday, on which she will turn 2 years old! Where did the years go? The moments, the experiences, the learning, it passes by so quickly, and I praise God I am here to bear witness to each new event unfolds before her.

-I think of my husband, and how far we have come in almost 5 years of marriage. He's been in ministry, been in bank work, and is now back in full time ministry. He goes to school full time and manages to steal time for all of his work, plus set aside special time for us, his family! What a great guy God has given us to call husband and daddy!

-I think of my wonderful family and friends, who without, I would be lost and floundering around for sanity and sound advice. I have bent friends' ears so many times, especially about this "mommy" stuff, and my family, both blood and in-laws, have come through countless times on this journey of becoming and settling into adulthood.

What wonderful people God has placed in my life to walk alongside and help guide me through the wonderful as well as not-so-wonderful times. And, yes, God has blessed our family once again with a little one that we expect to see at the first of June. We pray for health now, and then, as we welcome this new addition and look forward to the future of our fun family of 4, sibling squabbles and all! I could feel no more complete than when I think of all the many wonderful things I have for which to be thankful. I could write a novel on how God has provided over the years, but trust me when I say that He has never let us down and has always come through when we need him most, whether it is a smile from our baby, a hug from my spouse, a call from a friend, or the presence of my parents.

Thanks, God, for being so good, even when I am not!

Monday, November 20, 2006

". . .Next time won't you sing with me?"

So Jovey's newest feat is to sing her ABC's. . .constantly! If we even mention those three letters together, she sings them without fail, loud and proud. She has been singing a lot lately, including "God is so Good," "Jesus Loves Me" and of course, "ABC's." She is also a big fan of any and every theme song to every children's show she watches, especially, "It's a Big, Big World!" We don't mind hearing these songs over and over again. It just serves as little reminders of how the house feels so much more like home with the sounds of Jovey's constant chattering and singing!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Marvelous Mommy

Apparently, I have graduated in Jovey's eyes to a level reserved for an elite group of people in this world. . .superhero! Starting about a week ago, Jovey decided that when she is in a nursery or in anyone else's care, even for 5 minutes, no one can take care of her basic needs (diaper changes, putting shoes on/off, getting her a drink, etc.), but mommy! She always gives the same reply in regard to any of these situations, which goes like this. . ."No. My mommy will do it! Later!" Sometimes, it's a sweet retort, but other times, it is said among whimpers and whines as someone takes care of her less than clean diaper for their sake and for hers! I must admit, it is super cute and makes a mom feel pretty good to think that no one else can do things for her, especially when I love to do things with and for her, but alas, I am dispensable in those small ways and it is a bit of a challenge to express that other people can and need to clean her and take care of her when mommy can't be there! For now, I will cherish that phrase, because all too soon, she will be 13 years old saying, "Gosh, my mom knows nothing!"