Sunday, November 05, 2006

Marvelous Mommy

Apparently, I have graduated in Jovey's eyes to a level reserved for an elite group of people in this world. . .superhero! Starting about a week ago, Jovey decided that when she is in a nursery or in anyone else's care, even for 5 minutes, no one can take care of her basic needs (diaper changes, putting shoes on/off, getting her a drink, etc.), but mommy! She always gives the same reply in regard to any of these situations, which goes like this. . ."No. My mommy will do it! Later!" Sometimes, it's a sweet retort, but other times, it is said among whimpers and whines as someone takes care of her less than clean diaper for their sake and for hers! I must admit, it is super cute and makes a mom feel pretty good to think that no one else can do things for her, especially when I love to do things with and for her, but alas, I am dispensable in those small ways and it is a bit of a challenge to express that other people can and need to clean her and take care of her when mommy can't be there! For now, I will cherish that phrase, because all too soon, she will be 13 years old saying, "Gosh, my mom knows nothing!"

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