Monday, November 20, 2006

". . .Next time won't you sing with me?"

So Jovey's newest feat is to sing her ABC's. . .constantly! If we even mention those three letters together, she sings them without fail, loud and proud. She has been singing a lot lately, including "God is so Good," "Jesus Loves Me" and of course, "ABC's." She is also a big fan of any and every theme song to every children's show she watches, especially, "It's a Big, Big World!" We don't mind hearing these songs over and over again. It just serves as little reminders of how the house feels so much more like home with the sounds of Jovey's constant chattering and singing!


Nicole said...

Jovey, I think someone (I'm not mentioning any names) should buy you a microphone and drum set for Christmas (hmm hmm...) so you can add even more noise and "homeyness" to that beautiful voice of yours. Tell Mommy I know where she can get both items for free!

Lelakay said...

Ha Ha! Actually, I think santa may be bringing her a guitar/microphone and amp. It will make for interesting music videos, I am sure! But shhh! Mum's the word. Now you know that there is nothing better than the sound of creative music making!
;-) Maybe not one of our better gift ideas, I admit! :-)

Nicole said...

On 6:50 on Saturday mornings I would have to agree, but the rest of the time, it's been a great gift idea and the kids enjoy both immensely. We recharge the batteries for the microphone at least once a week! Parker wants me to cut the cord though on the microphone so he can dance and sing "like they do on American Idol" (haha)