Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cake Face!

Laney taking it all in at her 1st b-day party!

It's been a while!

So it's been forever since I blogged. My hubby filled in last minute as camp pastor for a great program called Kentucky Changers where youth from all over the state pay to go to camp to fix up people's homes in a particular city and then have worship opportunities each night during the week to help them grow in knowledge of God and His call to ". . . serve one another in love" Galatians 5:13. The camp was held in my hometown of Maysville, KY, so we packed up our girlies and headed "home" to worship and serve alongside over 200 teens for a week. It was an awesome experience and yet another blessing as Joshua has had an opportunity to be a bit more flexible on the weekends since we are in transition to where God will lead us next in our ministry.

We eagerly await for where God is leading our little family next, and although it has been a struggle at times, we have never had such a period of spiritual growth and faith strengthening in all of our lives. We question why God moves the ways that he chooses to move, but in so doing, we aren't giving Him full credit for what happens along that moving path. We miss the things that He wants us to make sure we see and touch along the way. Joshua has gotten numerous opportunities to speak to both adults and teenagers, sharing the beautiful heart that God has given him in order to point them toward Christ; I have been encouraged by the church we have been attending on the weekends when Joshua doesn't have a speaking gig to read and truly commune with God more, knowing that the Bible is truly the answer to life's toughest questions, as it is all about the love God has for us, a very imperfect and undeserving people; my girls have been loved on by all sorts of people that we have been able to meet and share with, some old friends and some new ones, which is always fun and certainly a blessing to us all. God moves ALL of the time and just when you think that you are stuck, He pushes you along and shows you new and different ways of seeing His plan! I pray we never stop seeing those valleys as a chance to rest and gain strength, wisdom and energy for the next challenge and chance to serve and live in freedom that only He can give!