Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jesus Ultimatum

My hubby and I just had a Bourne weekend, loving the action flick that A. satisfies his boyish love of car chases and fight scenes B.satisfies both of our loves of a good suspense and "thinking" story and of course, C. allows me to see Matt Damon take care of A and B. . . how could a movie get much better? ;-)

So, since we have Bourne on the brain, it came to mind that as Jovey was singing "Zacheus was a wee little man" today at breakfast, she made her own story up. . . The Jesus Ultimatum!

She loves to sing songs, and sometimes, gets words twisted around, seeing that she is only 3. When it comes to the end, the part that most people look to as the best part of life with Jesus: the fact that he desires to spend time with us, no matter how sinful we are, Jovey turned it to something different with just one word. Her words at the end are, "Zacheus, you come down OR I'm going to your house today, OR I'm going to your house today!" The real words are, "Zacheus, you come down, FOR I'm going to your house today, FOR I'm going to your house today!" She knows no difference, but it was the perfect opportunity to explain that "FOR I'm going to your house today meant "BECAUSE" and that it was a good thing. It wasn't a, "Straighten up, OR I'm gonna pull this car over" phrase like I heard a few times growing up. It was a loving suggestion that gave Zacheus hope and the knowledge that he was loved and cared for by the one who mattered the most!

It just goes to show how one word can change everything and even though Jovey doesn't get the difference yet, it's good to share with her how cool it would be if Jesus wanted to come and hang out at our house. . .even if it isn't always pretty or clean; a perfect picture of how he wants to come into our hearts and hang out, ugly and dirty as they are!

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Lisa said...

Lela, you are so sweet! Thank you for those inspiring words, they mean a lot! I'm just trying to pursue God's will because ultimately I know that's all that matters!