Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Theology from a 3 Year Old

My husband posted this on his blog earlier tonight, and he did such a good job of expressing my own emotions, I borrowed it with his permission! :-)

Jovey sang her first solo at church tonight (yes, she is only 3). She did wonderful and made her mommy and daddy very proud. It touches our heart to see our little girl singing for Jesus and more importantly, learning what it all means. We were walking through the flea market the other night and she saw a statue of Jesus. She said to us, "Look, it is God's Son, Jesus and He is praying for everyone." Theology can't get much sounder than that, especially from a 3 year old. I pray that as Jovey and Laney both grow, they continue to learn and understand exactly what Jesus did for them so that they can experience eternal life. God is good and this young Dad is pumped about seeing Christ through his little girls.

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