Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

All the excitement pictured below lead to this picture which says, "where's my bed?"

Play time!

Stockings are fun!

Every princess needs perfectly washed and set hair!

"ummmm. . . what do you do with this?"


Nicole said...

Wow! Laney just looks sooo much older! Especially that last pic where she is playing with the ball game...I need a Laney snuggle before you start running around with the "big kids"(Parker would ditto that!)

Jovey you are such a girlie girl (and yet sometimes you drive around in a black jeep that Parker would envy.. go figure!

Monday can't get here soon enough!!!!!

Lelakay said...

Crazy how fast they grow, huh? And yes, Jovey is the girliest, jeep lovin' kid ever! ha!