Thursday, April 05, 2007

Daddy - Pedicurist

So, I have a wonderful husband who is very willing to do almost anything, at least once, to please the women in his life (he is a daddy to one, soon to be 2 beautiful, little girls)! As I was preparing to co-host a house warming/retirement party for my parents with my older sis, Sara, I was bemoaning the fact that I hate wearing flip flops without some toenail polish perking up my dull, wintery feet! I flashed Joshua my best "little girl grin" and he grabbed some newspaper, so he wouldn't ruin his khakis, told me to sit down, propped my foot up in his lap and proceeded to use a fun hot pink color my mom had at her house to paint my toenails. He even did a great job for a first timer! What a guy!

My daughter was unaware of all of this, as she was peacefully taking a nap in the other room before all of the festivities were to begin. After she got up, she came out to see what might be happening and immediately spied my brightly painted toenails, to which she shouted in her cute, little voice, "I want paint on my toenails too. . . like mommy's toenails!" And with that same "little girl grin" that had persuaded Joshua to take up his new profession as my personal pedicurist (at least until I can bend over and touch my feet again), Jovey wrapped up Joshua's heart as she wrapped her hand around his finger. He smiled and took her into the other room where she too got to experience her first "daddy pedicure!"

Now, everywhere she goes, she has to tell everyone the same thing, "My daddy painted my toenails! Do you like my them?" Then, she proceeds to show them off through her sandals, or the best, sit down to strip off her shoes and socks to let you peak at her prized possessions!

Thank you God for a man that tries to please the women in his life, right down to their cute, little toenails!

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