Friday, April 20, 2007

Chatty Cathy

Jovey and I went up to a local, outdoor ice cream joint (first mistake for a pregnant lady!). As Jovey and I sat there enjoying the weather and of course, the people watching, a nice lady with a sundae sat down at the picnic table next to us. Jovey, without warning, went over, climbed up on the bench, and being the great conversationalist that she can be, began something that sounded like this:

Jovey: "Hello! Do you like my pretty fingernails? And my toenails? My daddy painted them! Do you like my summer shoes! They have princesses on them!"
Lady: "Oh, yes, they are all so pretty. My granddaughter likes nail polish too."
Jovey: "OOOOhhhhhh, she does? That's nice!"

I finally coaxed Jovey over to our table as to leave the nice lady alone. I explained she had never met a stranger, which the lady smiled and just said was a great trait to have, under parental constraint, of course! I'm just glad she was amused and not annoyed by my little chatter box! When I prayed that Jovey would have the outgoing personality of her daddy, never did I imagine it would play out so soon, or so humorously!

Thank you, God, for a little girl who loves people. Please, allow her to be used to make a positive difference in people's lives around her, even now in her young life!

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