Monday, April 20, 2009


So, anyone who knows me and knows me well, knows that Mondays aren't. . . well, my favorite day of the week. Actually, it doesn't come even close to the excitement I feel most Fridays that the weekend has arrived and we at least get to see Joshua a bit more than through the week full of classes, meetings, obligations, work, church, etc. that come along with our life that is the McFarland's way at this moment in time! As I continue to learn and grow, however, I am reminded that no matter the name of the day or the preconceived opinions and thoughts that may accompany said name, that each day is a gift from God. It is something to be cherished, praised and lived as it were to be our last, as God has allowed us another day to enjoy the many blessings and the great joy He has offered through the very life, death, resurrection and blessings of His living and beautiful son, Jesus Christ! Each day holds new and different opportunities to make everything we do an act of worship and offering of praise to our God! I had a very wise, beautiful woman of God remind me that even the mundane chore of laundry can be an act of worship as you take the time to remember each person for which the laundry belongs in prayer and thought! So, on this gloomy, Monday, not as warm or sunny as it "should" be morning, I choose joy and to be alive in Christ!

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