Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Please pray for my bottom"

Yesterday, my mom and dad came up for a short visit, which Jovey always loves. The more people in the house to show attention to her and play with her, the better. In fact, she tries to go to everyone else's home after they have played with her. Maybe that should offend me. . . anyway, Joshua, mom, dad, Jovey and I had just gotten finished with a late lunch when Jovey disappeared for a while to her playroom. After a few minutes, she came running into the living room where we were chatting, and said, "Daddy, excuse me, would you please pray for my bottom?" He asked her to repeat the phrase, clarifying each word, and sure enough, she repeated the same sentence again. Of course, we were all ready to burst out laughing, as we soon got a whiff of what needed to be prayed for (and it certainly needed lots of prayers!), but held it back, as she came to us with such a serious and sincere dimeanor. Daddy obliged and he held her hands as we all bowed our heads. His prayer went something like this:

"Dear God, please help Jovey's bottom and help her learn to go poo in the potty so she can feel better. Thank you for potties. I love you God, Amen!"

Jovey looked relieved and I went to take care of the prayer concern! And to think that we hesitate to ask God for the small things!


Nicole said...

haha.. Jovey we'll pray for your bottom... Lillie's bottom... and all the other stinky bottoms we may come into contact with!

You are SOOOO adoreable!!! You better say LOTS of cute things while you are with us:)

Lelakay said...

Ha! I'm sure she'll have plenty to say, unless she gets shy all of a sudden. Glad to know that we are all being prayed for in even the most personal avenues of our lives! ;-)