Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jovey the Artist

Jovey and I frequently use her magna doodle toy, a classic that I once loved to take with me in the car for long trips, to practice numbers and letters (I write them with the pencil and then she traces them with the circle magnet). Tonight, Jovey insisted that I draw a smiley face, to which I responded with a nice circle, 2 eyes and a smile! I was quickly informed that it needed a nose, so I obliged. She traced it, as with the numbers and letters and I then erased it and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

When I returned, I saw the above picture and a preschool girl smiling ear to ear saying, "A boy smiley always has to have hair, mommy!" She had drawn her first recognizable drawing, down to details I hadn't included in my simple rendering! She insisted I take pictures, so I did and I will definitely mark it as a first for the many that are to come as she continues to develop into a young lady, eager to learn!


Joshua McFarland said...

Our daughter gets her beauty from her mother, but obviously her skills from her daddy!

Lelakay said...

Thanks. . . I think! Love you and miss you terribly!