Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mind your Manners!

Jovey was watching "Word World", one of her fav shows that I really like too, since it focuses on letters and words throughout the 25 minute show. We had played well all morning, even including Laney in our tea party, so I let her watch this halfway educational show as a treat before lunch and then, nap. As she was watching the show, it got interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System to alert us of impending storms in the surrounding area. Jovey was patient the first minute, but then,with frustration behind her eyes, started saying, to the man that was so loud and so rude as to interrupt her show, "Excuse me, sir! Excuse me, sir! I would like to watch my show, now!" He finally finished his announcement and the tv went back to regular programming. She just smiled and said, "Thank you, sir!" I guess being polite counts for something in her mind!


Nicole said...

haha.. too funny! I don't if this happened to you or not that morning.. but we had one of those broadcasting testing things and that colorful rainbow with the annoying beeping sound came on! Lillie sat and watched it like it was the most fascinating show she had ever watched!

I wonder what Jovey would have said to the annoying narrator during curious George. Boy, am I glad she's gone!

Lelakay said...

I'm sure that Jovey would have had plenty of "nice" things to say to the narrator lady. ha! One of these days, that girl's words are gonna be her downfall! ha!

Love you!