Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls!

There is nothing like having the pleasure of watching your little girl call her best friend your own best friend's daughter. It's like watching the beautiful gift of friendship open before your very eyes. Of course, 2 year olds have various ways of expressing the special bond of friendship (mostly Jovey, as she gets very territorial or only wants lovings on her terms, both of which I have no clue how to fix), but sweet Lillie loves her inspite of her less than desirable traits at times. When Jovey is feeling the whole "friendship" thing, the two, sweet girls play dolls, run and laugh, tickle and just enjoy each other's company! Nicole and I may not play dolls or just sit down for a good tickle fight, but there is nothing like having a friend to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the comfort, security and love of a great friend. I pray that our girls will continue to grow, both as young ladies, as well as wonderful friends through this journey called life. If they can develop even a portion of what their mommies have experienced, then they will be more than blessed!


Nicole said...

awwww... Wouldn't it be wonderful if our girls become life long friends? I love you sooo much (and your girls) and I so pray that Lillie and Jovey and Laney continue our legacy of friendship!

Lelakay said...

It would certainly be a legacy of fun, laughter, tears, and funny stories that have nothing to do with anything! What more could you ask for from a friendship! I love you so very much. I couldn't love you more if you were my blood relative!