Thursday, October 25, 2007

As plain as the nose on my face!

Jovey has had some observations involving noses in recent days. . .

Jovey: "Mommy, Nicolette (her cabbage patch doll)has a hot dog in her nose?"
Mommy: "A hot dog?"
Jovey: "Yep. See?" She pointed out that the way that her little plastic nose is molded on, it does, indeed, resemble a pig in a blanket!
Mommy: "Oh, that's just her nose, but that was smart!"
Jovey: "I need to pull it out, mommy, so it won't hurt her anymore!"

Thank you for being such a caring, doll mommy, Jovey Kay! We all wish to take away the hot dogs in our kiddos noses to make them more comfortable!

As if that wasn't enough, we had yet another conversation regarding noses just tonight!

Jovey: "He put on his musatakadash!" commenting on Funshine bear putting on his Groucho Marx glasses when trying to offer therapy to Wish Bear on the Care Bear Big Wish Movie.

Mommy: "What? A what?"
Jovey: "You know. What does daddy have in his nose?"
Mommy: pausing, then laughing hysterically, "Oh, a MUSTACHE? Daddy has a mustache in his nose? Yes, you are right!"

I laughed and Jovey joined in. It was a good, therapeutic belly laugh like we all need every once and while. I am still laughing as I type this post!!

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