Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Reasons

I haven't uploaded pics of my girls, besides the one in my profile, because I figure that the 1-2 people who read this blog know exactly what they look like, but I have decided that my blog wouldn't be complete unless it contained the faces and smiles of the precious little ones that call me mommy! These faces are the reasons I get up at 3 am to feed a growling belly; the reasons I stay at home, some days feeling as if I'm the only adult on the planet, as my conversations have consisted of talk only of things that interest a 2 year old; the reasons I look at my husband and think of how blessed I am to have such a man be such a father to these impressionable, beautiful little girls that will one day be impressionable, beautiful young ladies, hopefully looking to their heavenly father first and foremost for support and much needed, positive, male affirmation, then directly to Joshua, rather than the temporary and insincere musings of certain teenage boys; the reasons that I thank God each day for such a great opportunity to be a mommy and watch my girls grow and change with each passing day.

Thank you, God, for being so great and making our lives brighter by adding such beauties to what we thought was already a wonderful, little family!

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Nicole said...

Sorry Laney was fussy today...thankfully it is not the norm for her.. but never the less still exhausting! Praying you find some extra strength and rest!

love you~!