Monday, July 16, 2007

We are Family

Jovey has truly gotten used to our expanded family. She has never thought it different or bad that Laney is now getting some of her attention, a perk of adding a little one when your other "little one" is just 2 1/2, I guess! She is totally in love with her sister and smothers her, sometimes literally if we don't watch it, with loads of hugs and kisses.

Since Laney has joined us, Jovey has really started to understand the family unit! So well, in fact, that she is beginning to think that a family of 4 is just the norm, even when it comes to her toys. While we were at the mall the other day, Laney and I walked around a bit to keep her happy in her stroller while Joshua took Jovey into one of her fav stores, the Disney Store. While there, she always loves to visit the huge "mountain o' stuffy animals" (stuffed to you and me, animals with a nasal condition to our Jovey Kay!). Now, instead of just wanting to hold various animals and love on them, she likes to get 4 of a kind (like 4 thumpers or 4 tiggers) and set them up in a line. She told Joshua that they were a family! Now, of course, we will have to go into detail of how families aren't all the same. . . some have 3 members, some are grandmas and grandpas and kiddos, some are just mommies and kiddos, et.c, but for now, it is fine with us for her to know that families stick together and have fun together in everything, even if they are "stuffy!" :-)


Nicole said...

Ok, so I COULD make some comment about you guys adding to your family and Jovey knowing that 5 or 6 is a family but I won't!

She is sooo sweet. I love you Jovey and if you would like, you can add us to your family and carry around 8 Tiggers or Poohs!

Lelakay said...

Ha ha! Yes,5 or 6 is a nice size family, and we will let others take care of those numbers for us! ;-)

We would def expand our numbers to 8. . . if it meant you all were the additions! Love you all!