Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mini Me

So many stories, so little time it seems with 2 kiddos at home, one of which always comes up with new and fun things to do and say. So, I will just pick the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

My Jovey is a super pretender. She is quick to "pretend" to go to the grocery and to have numerous "pretend" conversations on her cell phone with family and friends throughout the day. It really is super cute to watch her sentences continue to grow into major monologues with herself!

Joshua and I have a favorite "pretend" game to watch. She likes to pretend that various friends (like Lillie, Parker and Addison) as well as TV characters (mainly Diego and Alicia), play with her. She takes them outside. all the while talking their invisible ears off, to swing, swim and slide. She also took them along with she and daddy today on a quick trip to Kroger and Best Buy today. She talks with them, asking them questions and answering like they really respond to her out loud. I guess that's what it sounds like in her head. Although this doesn't seem super comical, the comedy comes when you actually see her "play" with these friends, as they all fit in the palm of her hand. Yep, she has little mini friends that ride on her swings and in her car, and she pretends to carry them around in her hand, placing them various places by tapping them down from her thumb and pointer finger that are positioned to carry them so comfortably. If she has pockets, they have also been known to travel that way as well.

Oh, the fun that comes with watching Jovey grow, change, and now, pretend. We don't know the obsession with these "mini" friends of hers, but it sure makes for great laughs around our house. As long as she doesn't try to carry Laney around the same way, we'll all be ok!

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