Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What would we do without friends? Not just those people who you smile at and chat with when you happen to be at an event or get together, but true friends. The ones that in your life, you wonder how you existed without having them around to be your sounding board, the shoulders on which you cry, the people who tell you when you are being silly for being totally stupid about something, and the ones who feel more like family then friends. Now, not only are friends like that super special, but when you have friends like that as adults, then it makes that circle of love larger as not only are they are a part of your life, but so is there family! The spouse, the kiddos, down to the smallest of pets in the house (even down to the slimiest snails!).

Joshua and I are so blessed to have friends just like that perfect ideal. Thank God for our "family friends" that make life more interesting and much more fun. Just in case there is any misconception as to what this type of friendship looks like, then here would be just a sampling from an email of such a friend (who has often been mistaken as my sister, and it is the best case of mistaken identity I could ever imagine) following an afternoon playdate and watching her 4 year old son holding our little Laney Belle.

Well don't tell Jovey but there is a new contender for Parker's heart. ALL I heard, and talked about for the past 3 hours was "Laney is so cute mom." "I just love Laney mom" "Mom, do you think laney likes me like I love her?" "Mom, I loved holding Laney." "Do you think Lela will let me hold Laney again if we go on a tuesday?"

Yup, he's smitten... he prayed for her (but forgot about me, his own mother!) and before he fell asleep I told him to have sweet dreams about fishing and rollercoasters and he goes, "and laney too mom!"

God is great and it is no accident when people come together to share their big things in common, they find that it is in the small things that you see just how wonderful life can be with people beside you to help encourage, support and sometimes, even laugh at you, so that you can stay real and experience life to its fullest!


Nicole said...

WOW! I feel honored and blessed! First a post in honor of us, then a quote directly from my child and of course there is always the mistaken sister identity...you are better than family! I love you dearly and the absolute hardest and most difficult aspect of our move is going to be being further away from you. I can handle everything else, but the thought of being just that much further away from you and your family is too much for me to think about at the moment!

thanks for a wonderful time yesterday and every time we get together! There are no words to describe the comfort and security of having a friend you feel totally yourself with!

Lelakay said...

Yeah, let's not even mention that move. We have about a month, and then, we can chat more about it! :-) You know I'm kidding. I hope you'll use me if you need me to help get things together. I may wet a few of your items with some tears, but I can pack with the best of them!

You all are the greatest. I love you and really am so blessed and grateful for your presence in my life (as are my kiddos and hubby!)