Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Nicole said...

haha.. I was an easy rider too.. no wonder we get along so well and can vacation together and have something to talk about each day!

I thought the guy with the hairy back was sexy. No? We have different taste in men I guess. hahah JUST KIDDING! Trev is like the least hairy guy I have ever known. He could be an olympic swimmer (if he knew how to swim that is)

I think for our beach vacation we should get tees that say Easy Riders..oh wait..on 2nd thought that might imply something our guys would not want us advertising...

Lelakay said...

Ha ha! Of course we are both easy riders! It would only make sense why we're best friends! :-) Joshua got a kick out of it, for sure. He's thinking that the shirts may not be a good idea, except in the privacy of our respective bedrooms! ha ha!

Well, Joshua isn't super smooth, but he also doesn't have a natural sweater like that one guy had. We'd have to have a major talk about some budgeting for hair removal otherwise! Ha ha!

Can't wait to take it easy at the beach in September. It couldn't come soon enough for the McFarland fam for sure!