Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'Til we meet again. . .

Jovey, as I have written before, has quite the vocabulary. In fact, she carries on a conversation better than some of my little kindergarteners back when I was receiving monetary compensation for my work as a teacher. :-) Lately, she has learned to use yet another word in context. While riding in the car the other day with Joshua and I, she says from the back seat, (words quoted directly), "Mommy, will you hold my water 'til I can get my shoe on, please?" Joshua looked at me as if to say, "what did she say?" We asked her to repeat it and of course, she repeated the same exact sentence. Laughing the whole time, I held her water. How could I deny such a well thought out and spoken request? Tonight, she used the word again. This time, she said, "Will you hold my colors (crayons in Jovey language) 'til I get my coloring book?" I am always amazed with how even young kiddos pick up those little words in our language and truly use them as their own with such ease and understanding. Just one question, "Can someone slow my daughter's learning down 'til I can catch up with her?" :-)


Nicole said...

There's always the ever popular "Til death do us part." but I know Josh isn't ready for that one yet (although Parker might be:):)

Fun seeing you gals yesterday... love spending time you!!!!

Lelakay said...

Yeah, that is a scary thought. I guess it will be here before we are ready! Can you imagine that day? Woo. . . too much to even fathom!

We had a great time with you guys! It's fun letting our kiddos grow up together!