Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Baby Names

When asking Jovey if she would like for mommy to have a boy baby or a girl baby, she always replies, "a boy baby, mommy!" Then, the next question, "What should we name, or call the baby boy?" Usually, it's just baby, but tonight, while in the bathtub, Jovey replied, "ummm. . .Daddy's Boy!" Now that is something we hadn't considered!


Nicole said...

haha... cute! Why not??? Daddy's girl might as well have a brother named "Daddy's boy".

Well, while Jovey says a boy, Parker says you are having a girl and he told me to tell you that you should name her "Neena". Not sure exactly where that came from but you can add it to the list:)

Lelakay said...

Neena wasn't on the list, but we will take that under consideration along with Daddy's boy for a boy! It is quite exciting as my belly grows to see what this little creature will turn out to be. If I could have a boy as sweet as Parker, I would order it in a minute! :-) Although, our wonderful Jovey and Lillies are awfully nice. Healthy is truly my hope. God will do the rest!