Monday, December 11, 2006

Growing Pains

I have always dealt with my little girl's growing up with such grace and very little emotion. She walked early, ate by herself early, talks constantly, and through it all, I have thought it was just normal for her, so no big deal. However, last night, I had my first major mommy moment, tears and all, as my baby girl fast made a decision to let go of yet another baby need.

A couple of nights ago, Jovey had a horrible bout with a night terror. She had experienced nightmares here and there, but could usually calm herself. This particular incident, there was no calming down, and we did what we said we would never do after an hour of her all but making her self sick from crying. . .put her into bed with us, where she finally calmed down, laying there motionless and wide awake for 30 minutes. Poor baby!

Last night, as we attempted to try her crib again, she broke down and started majorly crying saying, "I can't sleep in my bed. It hurt me." We don't know what that was all about, but we knew we didn't want to do the family bed thing again, and we needed to figure out how to get her comfortable in her own space again. We offered her the big girl toddler bed that we had planned to introduce after the new year, as our new baby would need our crib. Excitedly, she said yes, and her whole dimeanor changed from panic-stricken to elated! We laid her down with a pillow and a clean blanket, and she slept beautifully through the night, with not even one attempt to get out and run around, my biggest fear.

My baby is becoming a big girl, which we have been encouraging lately, as we prepare our house and all it's occupants for a new baby, but when it happens with little warning, it sure can be awfully real! We thank God for our healthy, independent big girl, but mommy will always somewhat miss that baby, helpless, "I can only do it with your help" attitude.


Nicole said...

awww... it's still sad hearing it for a 2nd time! She REALLY is growing up fast. Even though her and Lillie are about the same age, Jovey seems SO much older b/c of her independence. God knows what we need when we need it. You need for Jovey to be more on her own as you get ready for your new addition and I need for Lillie to still need me since a 3rd is not in our near future.

love ya and glad things went well last night~

Lelakay said...

You are right. God takes care and provides what we need when we need it, even though we may not know we need it! Confusing, but oh so true!

Anonymous said...

I have had so many of those moments lately that I hurt reading about yours! Zach's favorite phrase right now is, "No Mommy, I can do it by myself!" What?!?!? What is a mom supposed to do?!!?!? In case it helps, he has been sleeping in a twin bed since August and does great. The only change for us was that he used to sleep until 8:30-9:00. Now we are pleasantly awakened at 6:30-7:30am. The joy of being a big boy! Thanks for your thoughts about the program. I had a blast with the kids and can't wait to start another one! Love you girl!