Monday, September 24, 2007

Made to Order

Jovey has seemed to continue to expand her vocabulary and her understanding and expressing of thoughts the last month, if that was even possible, and she has really started to understand the concept of being thankful for the people and things in her life. We always tell her that everything we have belongs to God, so we need to tell Him thanks for it all! So, she prays and thanks God for people, days and toys, unprompted, as well as thanking us for the small things we do, when she isn't distracted by the stuff going on around her, that is!

This morning was no exception. Last night was our first night of having the girls co-habitate in their bedroom. They both did beautifully and we are so glad that hopefully, this can be the beginning of a fun relationship as they grow together, learning to respect each other's space, yet share it as well.

As I was getting Laney ready to take a ride to drop off Jovey at Parent's Day Out, Jovey says, "I love you Laney! You are my best sister!" She then looks at me and says, "Mommy, thank you for bringing Laney home from the hospital for me! I love her so much!" That's right, Jovey, I just went to the hospital, pulled through their drive-thru and said, "I'd like one, cute, little girl with a head full of hair that my older daughter can love on and play with!" If only it were that easy! ;-)

I just hope and pray that she will feel even half that appreciation years down the road when there will be clothes to fuss over, space to share, and attention to get!


Lauren said...

and don't forget Parker to fight over:):):)

love you and miss you and your sweet fam~

Nicole said...

i didn't realize my sister was signed on when I wrote this... opps.. themessage was from me... haha