Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Daddy's Home!"

One day, after Jovey had woken up from a great nap (something that doesn't always describe her nap times), I was combing her hair and getting her ready for a little snack. The tree trimmers were cutting on the tree outside our house with a very loud chainsaw. Jovey looks at me, wide-eyed, as usual, and said, "Mommy, shhhh, Daddy's home!" Now I knew Daddy was still at work and wouldn't be home for quite a while. So I inquired, "What do you mean? He's not home yet!" She replied adamently, "Yes, he's home. I can hear him blowing his nose!" referring to the loud chainsaw roaring outside the bedroom window! Now, unless you have heard Joshua blow his nose, this won't be half as comical, but let's just say that the muffled sound of a chainsaw may be the perfect way to describe the sound that his "deviated septim" makes with every nose blow! Gotta love Jovey's big imagination!


Nicole said...

That is hilarious!!! Already making insults heh??? Jovey, you say the darndest things!!!!!!!!

Lelakay said...

I have to admit that such comments might be brought on by the comments I have made myself about the unique sound to Joshua's nose. Funny, though, as I have never likened it to the sound of a chainsaw! ha ha!