Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Muddy Mamas

I am so very humbled to get to contribute to another blog that takes other ladies who, like myself, are just lumps of clay outside of the Potter's Hands, but are beautiful creations within them! Check out how God is moving and growing each of us and we pray that you may be encouraged as you read and share with us on this muddy journey called life!


the mangiafico family said...

i added the blog to my blog, so i can keep up-to-date! :o)

Lela Kay said...

Oh good, Allison! It will be a blog full of random things. . . recipes, meal plans, funny stories of mommyhood, scripture, organization ideas, fitness plans. . .hopefully, it will provide some good encouragement above everything. The next couple of weeks will go into detail about the mommies contributing and then, more detail about the subject matter of the blog. Enjoy! So glad we can keep up with each other between blogs and facebook! :-) I pray for you often as God continues to develop you and your cute family!