Tuesday, March 01, 2011

20 pounds, glass jars and 3 year olds

I'm not feeling well today. I have a 20 pound head (or so it seems) full of snot. I feel like I'm talking, and hearing, in a glass jar. My ears ache and my body almost requires the same level of adjective as my ears! I'm not in bed, I don't have a fever, but I just am not "Lela" today! But, life continues. There were lunches to be made, breakfast to enjoy with my family before everyone rushed out the door for school and work, newsletters to be folded and conversation to be enjoyed at First Baptist. You get the idea! Life continues and carries on. I do my best to push on, as if nothing is different, but anyone who knows me would recognize that there's a lot less pep in my step, a few less giggles and maybe, a few more dark circles under my eyes! I'm hopped up on Sudafed, Advil, Neti-pot solution and tons of vitamin C, water and prayers for a quick recovery from this "ick" of winter!

But, the best medicine so far today out of that long list of "doctor-yourself" solutions? Laney, as we lay together on the couch, just says in the silence, "Mommy, I wanna pway foh you! 'Dea-ah God, please help mommy feel bettah. Amen!" Nothing is as sweet as the sincere, straightforward, unhindered, unprompted prayer of your 3 year old who sees that mommy isn't quite herself and that God, the Great Physician, is the only true and effective help in Mommy's time of need. And nothing is as amazing as watching God move in the heart and mind of your 3 year old, knowing that she's responding to His promptings, even when she doesn't realize it quite yet!

I am feeling much better already!


Hollie: Confessions of a Serial Dieter said...

Thank you.

Tim said...
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Mary said...

I think God hears those prayers much more readily than our long-winded pleadings. Bless her precious little heart!

the mangiafico family said...

so precious!