Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweetness in the Mailbox

So more proof that my "babies" aren't babies anymore arrived in the mail in sweet fashion yesterday. Jovey had her first school picture taken at her previous school, Lowe Elementary in Louisville, KY. Her teacher assured us she would send them to us via the mail. I had forgotten about it until we were greeted with a large envelope yesterday in the mail. Within it was my big girl's first school picture. It wasn't the best picture, but boy, did she look all grown up! I'm not sure when that happened, but if I didn't remember when she uses big words, is starting to have a little flair of culture pop up here and there and is losing teeth here and there, I now have it in photographs with that same gray background that I had some of my own school pics taken in front of!

Within that envelope, her sweet teacher also had included letters from her friends in her class at Lowe to express how much they missed her. One of the students even asked about how Jovey's mom was doing! ha! It made my heart smile and brought tears to my eyes to look at a few class pictures that Mrs. Thurman sent, as well as a picture of her own little family that she had shared with me in stories and in amazing things that God had done to make her family even more beautiful, in picture and in person!
I had prayed and prayed all last winter and summer that Jovey's first year at school would be most blessed and full of love as well as a teacher who loved Jesus and had no problem sharing that with Jovey and her friends. God blew my mind and made the whole "sending off my baby to school" process much easier. Even now, with a simple envelope full of memories, He reminds me of how well he cares for His children.

Thanks, God, for providing amazing and meaningful relationships in this life that remind us of how much you love us and how much you wish for us to see the many ways you share that with us, even on a regular day through the regular postal service, using regular people!

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