Thursday, August 23, 2007

Loving Words

What tops hearing your kiddos say, "I love you, momma?" I'm thinking nothing on this earth is sweeter or more sincere than hearing the sweet voices of your children, especially when they echo the sentiment that is their love for you as their parent. The best scenarios, by far, are when Jovey just, out of the blue and for no warranted reason at al, just stops what she's doing to say those wonderful words and maybe even take the time to add a little snuggle or kiss along with it!

I must admit, though, that hearing your older daughter express love for her little sister, using an extra soft and high pitched voice may come super close. When Joshua and I prayed about adding to our family, we began praying that if that is what God would want, that our kiddos would, even from the very beginning, start forming a beautiful foundation that would hopefully, grow, evolve, and one day, turn into a deep and true friendship. I don't know if that will ultimately happen, but I continue my prayer and sit back and smile as Jovey bounces around the room, asking Laney if she's ok at her smallest of whimpers and as Laney follows Jovey's each and every movement all over that room!

Thank you God, for the blessing of not only having one, but two girls that I can watch grow. May I always enjoy seeing that as super different as they may be, how much they will hopefully grow to love each other for those very differences!

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Nicole said...

Oh how I miss your girls!!! I can't wait to see them and hold them and love on them...beach hugs and cuddles... I can't wait!

So glad life at your house is going well and fairly smoothly. lov eyou and miss you