Thursday, December 02, 2010


Joshua busted his ankle in good fashion after playing a pick-up game with a friend on Monday. To spare you the gaggig, I will not post a pic, but trust me, his ankle is all sorts of pretty colors and roughly the size of a small grapefruit. The doctor at our church looked at it last night and ordered x-rays be taken this morning so she could look at them and know whether or not he needed to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon from there (too bad the one we know and trust is in Florida doing his fellowship before he moves a short 45 minutes away from us).

She did suggest he buy a special lace up brace as well as use crutches to keep pressure off the tendons that are probably pretty damaged. A sweet church member ran home and came back within 5 minutes (love a small town) with a pair of crutches for Joshua. So, Jovey and Laney are excited, to say the least, to see daddy hobbling around on his crutches.

"I LOVE your new crunches, daddy!" says Jovey. Joshua told her quickly that he'd rather be on the floor doing crunches than hobbling around with crutches! ha!


Nicole said...

awww.. poor guy! That stinks! Hope it's a quicker recovery than planned... I'm sure there is good sermon material in there somewhere too;-) love you guys!!!

Lela Kay said...

Ha! Sermon material definitely is everywhere! He is always good to at least ask permission if he includes anyone in his illustrations! ha! And yes, he's in a pretty good amount of pain, but the xrays showed no breaks. Just some tears in the ligament and maybe some small fractures. Hopefully, some rest, compression and tlc will heal it up. It's the same ankle he sprained the Monday before we got married playing. .. yep, basketball. Told him maybe he needed to stick with golf! ha! ;-) He did get a good bike workout in at the y before the incident. It will be his last for a bit. I kid and tell him he did it on purpose to avoid getting fit! ha! Love you all and will keep you updated!