Monday, February 01, 2010


I was starting to feel guilty for having not taken the girls out in the two sizable snows that we have gotten since the cold, dreary winter set in. So, when it was predicted that we would get a possible 2-5 inches, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity for . . . daddy to take them out to play in the snow! :-) I was available for bundling up, photographing, hot chocolate making and stripping down to get warm, dry clothes on! The girls had a blast and daddy did too!I think we can now say that we have lived completely this winter! "Come as fast as you can, Spring!"


The Reynolds Family said...

Aren't you glad we have husbands who are such good daddy's to take our kiddos out in the freezing temperatures!

Lelakay said...

For real. . . I am definitely not a polar bear, penguin or any other creature that enjoys the snow and cold! ha! ;-)

the mangiafico family said...

cute!!! looks like they all had a great time!!! that's one thing i don't miss...the cold!!!! :o)