Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been a while!

Wow! August 19th. . .the last date of my blog. Of course, I never kept great care of blogging "regularly," but that has definitely been a bit of a hiatus! What has been happening? Hmmmm. . . My Jovey has turned 5, we celebrated 1 year (as of Sept. 1, 2009) in ministry with Joshua as the lead pastor at Elk Creek Baptist Church in Taylorsville, KY. We had a wonderful Christmas that was much lighter on the physical "gifts" and much heavier on the beauty of what Christmas is about: the bringing to earth of Jesus Christ that began the sacrificial giving of His life and resurrection to secure both mankind's eternity with the Father God in Heaven as well as a life full of purpose and joy on earth; even in the midst of trials that are to draw us nearer to Him, if only we accept His gift of grace and love. We watched as our baby Laney walked into her classroom at Parent's Day Out and trusted again in God's provision of yet another opportunity for her to learn and grow in a safe, fun environment and learn more about the gift that friendships can be. .. these are just a very few of the highlights.

God continues to mold us all into more diligent students of His Word and even more determined seekers of learning who God is and how He desires for us to move as His creations in this world He created! It is a blessing to trust in a world that gives us many reasons to doubt and to question what the next phase of life looks like, but as we start to wonder, Joshua and I point each other to the center of our marriage, the center of our lives, Jesus Christ, and we focus . . . still, watchful, silent, humbled and ready for the wisdom and guidance that He is waiting to pour out!

Now, to see you before 2010! :-)

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