Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Shut the Door!"

Jovey and Laney were sitting at the table last night as I was finishing up cooking dinner and getting it on the table. Laney, as usual, was babbling and screaming with glee at the thought of eating and Jovey was obviously annoyed (either at the volume or her lack of ability to get a word in edge wise, which is a rare occasion) as she sighed and rolled her eyes (I was mistaken that those two things came much later in this human developmental process!).

Jovey finally said, "Shut up, Laney" which is a phrase we don't allow around our house but has been uttered at least twice already this week. Joshua heard this, as did I, and he replied quickly saying, "Jovey, we NEVER say those words. They aren't nice and I don't want to hear them again. It doesn't make God happy and it doesn't make us happy! The only thing I ever want to hear with the word 'shut' is 'shut the door.'"

Jovey thought for a while and Laney continued her ranting of screams and babbles. Jovey then said quietly, "shut the door, Laney." Although Joshua and I almost broke out in loud laughter, we both kept straight faces saying that using the phrase, "shut the door" to Laney was the same thing as saying, "Shut up!" She smirked, told us all she was sorry and we began eating dinner.

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Nicole said...

haha.. in the funny, yet exasperating sense...When did our "babies" become such little people???? They pick up soo much that we don't even realize. Nemo says "I hate you Dad" in the movie and Trev actually went back and edited it out of our copy b/c the kids would repeat it, not knowing what it was...I guessin context Jovey kinad knew but didn't know it was ugly... You handled it well.. They'll be a lot worse in the years to come I'm sure.. Lord, help us!!!

love you and miss you~