Monday, June 02, 2008

A Consideration for Car Makers Across the World!

Jovey and I were playing outside this morning, which is a usual occurence since we can run around with little limitations since Laney naps every morning for at least an hour. While we were breaking for a cold and needed popsicle, we sat on the back of Joshua's truck (he was working from home). Jovey looked at an SUV that is parked close to where we park our own cars in the church parking lot next to our house.

Jovey said, "Look, momma! That truck has a daughter door!"

"A what?" I quickly inquired!

"A daughter door. One on that side and another on the other side for another daughter, like Daddy's truck! It's where daughters come out of the truck!"

So, for all you car makers out there calling it th 3rd and 4th door, may we give you the "daughter door" for your consideration. Those with sons, I am guessing you will have the option to have an exact replica, known as the "son door!"

Jovey Kay, you never cease to amaze me with your quick wit and funny ways of looking at life!

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