Thursday, February 07, 2008

Again Amazed

There are so many moments, as I have told friends before, when I know that I miss opportunities to both model God's love to my children as well as teach them His perfect principles, given to us through his Word. But there are moments. . . very special moments when I see the very face of God through my children and this morning was one of those special and blessed times.

Joshua got diagnosed with Strep throat this afternoon and started feeling it last night after a family trip to the grocery. This morning, when Jovey woke up and asked about where Daddy was (he slept in the guest room downstairs, in case it was a virus he could help contain a bit from the rest of us), I told her that he was sick and sleeping so he could get better and play with her again soon.

She looked at me, still a bit sleepy-eyed from a good night's sleep and said, "Mommy, we should say a prayer for daddy so God will make him better." I paused, as each time this child speaks words that are so wise beyond her years and understanding, I am just in awe. I said, "Yes, baby girl, we should. Would you like to pray?" So she began:

"Dear God, Thank you. . . I mean (she's used to beginning praying for her meals) please make Daddy feel better. Amen."

At that moment, I believe Joshua slept a little sounder, Jovey felt a bit more important, I felt again amazed by God's creation of a people who desire to seek Him, and God smiled, knowing that Jovey is making baby steps to His throne of grace.

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